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Mickey's eighties poppers

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Apr. 30th, 2011 | 06:05 pm
music: Take on Me

Drinking mickey's while Aha's "Take on Me" plays on repeat, eating my favorite poppers and waiting for hair dye to dry. As life goes on, songs gain new meanings. Its like what my Dad said about having to listen to every album he owned again just because he got new speakers. Everything is new with a new perspective. Once I broke my foot dancing and I couldn't be on the eighth grade volleyball team :(. But all of a sudden I appreciated life so much more, and couldn't wait to do all the things I couldn't do. Now I appreciate having two working feet. Bad things happen to make you appreciate what you have. My car has broken down many times in my life, and the only thing I could think while I stood there on the road waiting for the tow truck was how comfortable and pleasant it was to sit behind the wheel of a working car, and be in power to get to work on time. Little things. I make a difference in people's lives now. :) That makes me feel so good. So many good times in my life that I can truly appreciate. ;)

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